Dedicated Nanosatellite Launcher Company

1 - Demo

Pressure fed 3D printed rocket engine powered flight.

Space is not conquered on test stands. We must fly, and we must fly often.

April 2015th, 6 months after establishing our company in Silicon Valley we launched our first rocket. Demo flight conducted in Mojave Desert, California proved that we are on the right track with our engine and rocket development. Despite short flight, it was first in history of mankind, where 3D printed rocket engine was used to lift any vehicle off the ground.

2 - Demo

Suborbital guided flight to space

Intermediate step: Reaching space suborbitally. This single stage rocket launch test is designed to prove our Guidance, Navigation and Control and a turbopump - irreplaceable and most difficult component of rocket propulsion.

3 - Operations

5-ton, 2-stage rocket delivering 10kg to Sun Synchronous Orbit.

Profitable orbital deliveries is our short term mission, that is a part of a big plan: to open space to Silicon Valley, universities, agencies by launching nanosats once every week, instead of current 2 year backlog.

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